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FAMnerd is a Natural Family Planning (NFP) iPhone app

FAMnerd is an iPhone app that can be used for both Natural Family Planning (NFP) and the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM).

The main difference between NFP and FAM is that NFP doesn’t allow for the use of barrier methods of birth control (like condoms and diaphragms) during the fertile phase, and FAM does. NFP is generally used by folks who don’t agree with the use of contraception, particularly Catholics. FAM doesn’t have any religious affiliation.

Wherever you choose to stand on barrier methods, FAMnerd will work for you. FAMnerd allows you to record intercourse on your chart, and choose whether it was protected (like with a barrier method), or unprotected. FAMnerd includes charting rules that will work with both FAM and NFP, and allows you to choose the rules that best meet your needs.

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, really needing to stay not pregnant, or somewhere in between, whether you use FAM or NFP, FAMnerd will make it easy to chart on your iPhone.

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Using the Fertility Awareness Method to achieve pregnancy

Today we have a guest post from Amanda, who used FAM successfully to become pregnant with her first child.

We had been married for four years, and we were ready to start thinking about having kids. All I knew about my body was that it had a relatively irregular cycle (meaning that it only happened every month and a half or so, as opposed to every 4 weeks), so we were not sure what to expect when it came to actually successfully making a baby.

Two of my good friends were using FAM to avoid pregnancy. They were also relatively health conscious individuals, and I respected their opinion when it came to making good choices in terms of life and love and the like of. It follows, that when they both encouraged me to try FAM for successful conception, I took their advice.

I started by reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility. In charting my cycle, I realized that it was in no way abnormal, simply because “normal” is relative to each woman. I actually had a very predictable and reassuring cycle. My body was not only working properly, ovulation created an optimal environment for conceiving. It was totally thrilling and very refreshing to realize that my body was not only doing what it was supposed to, but that I was fertile. “I can have a baby!” was the kind of thought that crossed my mind.

Turned out that I was not the only one who was fertile! It took us three cycles and four months, and by February of 2008, we were pregnant with our first. It seemed like an eternity then, but November came very quickly. Abraham is now a big brother to Isaiah, and they are 20 months apart. We were not as intentional with Isaiah as we were with Abraham.

The success we had in getting pregnant is a result of getting to know my body. It’s not complicated. I was not irregular or abnormal, contrary to what I had been told my whole life. The beauty of FAM is its basic premise: the female body is predictable when you get to know it. It’s empowering to know my body and to understand all the things at work within me.

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