The Short Story

FAMnerd™ is a Fertility Awareness Method iPhone app developed by an avid FAM practitioner.

It is expected to launch sometime. No, we can’t be more specific than that.

The Long(er) Story

FAMnerd was built for one person: Annette.

After using PC-based FAM software for four years, Annette realized that it would be so much easier to input her FAM data into her phone. Like all iPhone junkies, her iPhone rarely leaves her side, so it was just natural that it would serve as a tool for charting her cycles.

After serially trying iPhone apps already available, Annette was frustrated. While they recorded the necessary data, they missed two things:

  1. It was cumbersome to enter data
  2. The charts were… well, they were terrible.

Overall, they missed an opportunity to create an iPhone app that was a joy to use: one that uses the iPhone’s intuitive interface to its full potential.