The Fertility Awareness Method is green birth control

There’s been some buzz online recently about “green” birth control. While I’m glad that FAM was recognized as a form of birth control at all, its efficacy was once again underestimated – as was its “greenness.”

FAM allows your body to work naturally, without chemical intervention, the way it was designed to work. This means no pharmaceuticals leaching into the water supply. No plastic packaging.

No metals being inserted in your body, then thrown away.

And even though FAM allows for the use of barrier methods like condoms, caps, sponges and diaphragms, it doesn’t require them. FAM can still be practiced successfully by abstaining during the fertile phase. This is the basis of NFP. Without barrier methods, the only material object required to practice FAM successfully is a thermometer. Digital thermometer batteries last for years, meaning very minimal waste.

Sterilization seems fairly green, but what about the gloves, equipment, scrubs or other medical supplies that would be used in the surgery?

For green birth control, it’s hard to beat FAM’s approach of allowing your body to function naturally.