FAM: No need to panic.

Cycle day 39. No ovulation in sight. If I weren’t practicing the Fertility Awareness Method, I would be panicking.

Even if I ovulate within the next day or two, this will end up being a 55-60 day cycle. According to the 28-day cycle myth, I should have started a new cycle, accompanied by flow, 11 days ago. If I weren’t charting, I would think I was pregnant.

Au contraire. In fact, since I am charting and practicing FAM, I know that there is no possible way I could be pregnant – because without ovulation there can be no pregnancy.

So although this cycle has been weird and a little frustrating because it has been so long, I haven’t had to worry about a life-changing pregnancy. We will choose to have children eventually, but we aren’t to that point in our life plan yet.

And on the other hand, if we were trying to achieve pregnancy, all the intercourse in the world in the last 39 days would not have gotten me pregnant. If I weren’t charting, we wouldn’t know that I haven’t ovulated. With no signs of a new cycle, I would think we had successfully acheived pregnancy. And at about day 60 I would be disappointed.

FAM allows you to both avoid pregnancy and know when you are most fertile for achieving pregnancy. Using FAM means there’s no need to panic.