Why doesn’t FAMnerd show more information on the chart?

We know that some PC-based apps let you place seemingly unlimited amounts of information on your charts, and some of you would like to do that with the app. We hear you, but listen to our point of view. Well kept charts are extremely gratifying to look at, it’s the equivalent of a well kept diary for some. Believe me, we really do understand that; Annette is a complete nerd when it comes to charting. Everything goes into her chart from temps to miles ran to flow volume in mL.

But FAMnerd is intended to help FAM users get started with FAM and keep the accurate charts necessary for using FAM. It’s robust enough for advanced users to keep records of how many glasses of water they drank (not that you’d need to record that), but we intentionally keep the chart simple and immediately gratifying.

We may create an iPad version if there’s enough demand, where charts could become more complex and contain more data, but for now, the iPhone screen dictates how much information can be displayed on the chart.