Record your FAM information in FAMnerd while you travel

Traveling creates a challenge for Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) users when you’re tied to PC-based FAM software. If the software is on a desktop, you can’t bring the desktop with you and end up having to record your information elsewhere and enter it in later. Even having the software on a laptop can be a pain, because bringing your laptop with you means another thing you have to squeeze in your carry-on.

This is a lot of what spurred us on to create FAMnerd. While we traveled I would record my FAM information on my iPhone in Notes, and enter it into the software when we got home. I didn’t have a great system for recording everything, though, so some things got lost or messed up in translation.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just be able to enter your FAM information directly into a FAM iPhone app?

Enter FAMnerd.

You always carry your iPhone with you anyway, so why should you have to use something else to record and analyze your FAM charts? Use FAMnerd on the subway on your way to work, on a train touring Europe or on a plane flying to a conference (in Airplane Mode, of course!). FAMnerd is with you wherever you are.